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RiteStart Kids & Teens
Multivitamin and Immune Support for your Youngsters

RiteStart Kids & Teens supplies the daily support that kids and teens need for proper growth and good health.

These delicious chewable tablets contain 22 essential vitamins and minerals and the immune system support of 4Life Transfer Factor® Tri-Factor® Formula (300 to 600 mg+).
  • Supports strong bones, healthy muscle function, and healthy vision
  • Includes B vitamins for healthy brain function and healthy energy support
  • Boosts Natural Killer immune cell function to help fight disease
  • Promotes long-term health and wellness
  • Provides essential vitamins and minerals to help ensure kids and teens receive the nourishment needed for proper growth and overall health*
Just like the grownups, Kids & Teens now have their own RiteStart formulation - especially formulated with your kids and teens in mind.  Great tasting, all-natural chewables, with all the nutrition they need to support proper growth, development and health.

Transfer factors are your immune system's teacher of the 3 R’s...

  1. Recognise a disease–causing organism
  2. React and attack to eradicate that organism
  3. Remember that organism and mount an immediate response next time
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24089 RiteStart Kids & Teens
Single bottle (120 Chewables)
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