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Stressed out? Nervous? Anxious? Frazzled? Are you as happy as you want to be? Or, are there times when you just find yourself “singing the blues”? Inner Sun is a product utilizing St. John’s Wort in a synergistic proprietary formula designed by 4Life® to help support healthy stress levels and promote a healthy mind and body in these hectic times.

St. John’s Wort, or hypericum, was discovered to have beneficial properties over two millennia ago, and recent media attention has drawn considerable attention to this simple, yet effective herb.

Inner Sun’s other natural ingredients include chamomile, hops, rosemary, hawthorne and B-vitamin complex. 4Life®’s potent blend of ingredients offers an overall feel-good formula.  If you are like millions of others affected by depression, and keeping afloat in life feels like a never-ending battle, Inner Sun can help give you the advantage you need to keep moving and succeeding.

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7100 Inner Sun
120 capsule bottle

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