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Life C®
Exclusive Combination of 7 Active Forms of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most essential nutrients discovered and is recognized as providing a wide range of benefits. 
  • Immune support
  • Nervous system support 
  • Collagen formation (healthy skin) 
  • Fat metabolism
  • Hormone synthesis
  • Iron absorption
 Life C is 4Life's exclusive combination of the 7 active forms of vitamin C, providing key nutritional support for the entire family.  Unlike many supplements that use straight ascorbic acid, Life C contains vitamin C in food-complex forms to improve absorption by the body.

Each of the seven forms of vitamin C provide antioxidant support for different body systems, which can result in synergistic effects.

This product will be delivered to you directly from the 4Life Australasian Warehouse in New Zealand (freephone from Australia 1800-081-036).
You will NOT be charged New Zealand GST, so the prices for you will be approximately 12.5% less than the prices shown in the New Zealand store. You will also score a good win on the exchange rate, so altogether, this should offset the freight charge.
Standard Freight (all in NZ$)
Allow around 7-days for delivery
1 to 4 bottles of capsules/tablets per package: $9
5 to 8: $12
11+: $18
NutraStart and RioVida being heavier will incur higher charges

Express Freight
Delivery in 2-5 days
1 to 4 bottles of capsules/tablets: $12
5 to 7: $18
8 to 10: $24
10 to 12: $30
1 x NutraStart: $18
5 x NutraStart: $30
1 to 2 RiteStart: $12

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