Meet your shop Owner/Manager

Hi, we are Barry Wah Lee, the owners and managers of your 4HealthDirect shop®.

Thank you so much for visiting and shopping in our store.

Why 4Health? Because our 4Life® Research products are designed to help us all live a life bursting with energy, radiating vibrant good health from deep within, and to give us the chance of experiencing a better quality of life. 4Good!

Why Direct? Because here's where you can order online to get the best wholesale prices delivered directly to your door. No middlemen. No retail markups. Just the best deal for you!

We became 4HealthDirect shop owners so we could help Take Transfer Factor® to the World. You see we've proven to ourselves that these products really do work, and we take them every day. Without fail!

We believe that we all need to prepare for a major assault on our immune system every single day. And 4Life's Transfer Factor is the world's #1, scientifically proven, 100% natural and patented product designed for this very purpose.

As your personal 4HealthDirect owner/managers, we promise to give you 3 things always:

  1. We promise to give you safe, peace-of-mind shopping using the safest high-encryption credit card security systems. If you've never bought anything online using your computer before, we can assure you that buying here at 4HealthDirect is safer than handing your card to a shop assistant.

  2. We promise to give you the keenest Wholesale Prices. We'll always present you with the best possible prices to save you money.

  3. We promise to give you our attentive personal attention. We're always here to help, so if you want to contact us, please email us anytime using the Contact Shop Owner link on the left.

Good shopping and VERY good health to you!

Your store owner/managers

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